Outdoor Swimming Pools

“The ultimate luxury”

“An amazing space to enjoy”

If you are looking for an outdoor pool, we can work with you to help you create the best possible use of space.  Designed to complement your property and give years of pleasure to your family an outdoor pool adds quality and luxury to any home.

“The perfect design”

Choosing the right pool shape is easy when working with our experienced design team.  We can help you or your architect choose the right size, layout and colour which will be complemented by integral features such as steps and lighting to give the best creative design possible.

“All year round use”

To allow for inclement weather, we offer a wide selection of pool covers, fixed or telescopic enclosures, all of which will enable you to enjoy your outdoor pool throughout the year.

Our experienced energy management approach will help minimise heat loss and ultimately control running costs.

“Hidden Water Pool”

Now you see it now you don’t – The Hidden Water Pool is a pool shell that features a platform that raises and lowers on a column mounted on the pool floor.  When the pool is not in use, the platform is at floor level and the pool has vanished, completely out of sight.  When in use, the technology allows the pool to be at any depth from a paddling pool to full depth.


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