About Us

Pools & Leisure Ireland are leading providers of pools of all types throughout Ireland.

What makes us unique is that we supply a minimum 1 years after- sales preventative maintenance and support with all our pools.This takes the form of our engineer calling once per month for a two hour service visit after the pool has been built.This is a unique service as no other company in the UK or Ireland offers this

We only purchase from approved and reputable sources and are key brands include Certikin, Astral, Proteus, Myrtha, Tylo, Plastica, Roldeck, Calorex and Heatstar

Our main services include:

  • The design and installation of Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, including automatic recessed covers
  • Spas and Hot tubs
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Wellness and Hydrotherapy pools
  • Ice Baths
  • Dog Hydrotherapy pools
  • After sales support and maintenance
  • Residential and Commercial swimming pool refurbishment

Our service can include recommending an architect or builder.
Upon receipt of your drawing and during the early stages of the design service we are also able to provide details of running costs and creative ideas for energy management of the pool hall. Following this we would be delighted to introduce you to one of our many show pools, where you can see and touch the quality of our product.

All our products and services are supported by excellent infrastructure combining well known suppliers and manufacturers such as Proteus,Certikin,Tylo and Calorex with after-sales care packages and long-term warranty.

The Proteus Swimming pool panel system is a direct descendent of the world renowned Myrtha pool system introduced exactly 50 years ago in Northern Italy and specified extensively for International FINA championship pools, and closer to home, the London 2012 Olympics.

More recently Myrtha pools have been awarded the contract for seven pools at the Rio Olympics in Brazil 2016

Proteus utilises the same patented vinyl coated stainless steel panel and support system and has similar ceramic water line finishes as Myrtha. Available in skimmer, deck level and even vanishing edge detail, Proteus offer the choice of ceramic, mosaic and even stone finishes at water level. Similarly, there is nowhere else where an infinity edge pool can be achieved with a panel system with a ceramic or mosaic cascade.
For a detailed brochure on Myrthya and Proteus pools click Here
Not suitable for DIY installation, Proteus pools are marketed throughout the UK by an Exclusive dealer network who have factory trained installers and direct links with Proteus in Italy for design and engineering support.

An alternative method of pool design and installation is construction a swimming pool shell out of concrete.This has been the traditional method of construction for pools that require a more specialised finish such as tiles including mosaic and more recently water-proofed membranes such as Alkorplan.We can assist your builder with the initial design and preparation for both Skimmer and the popular Deck Level pool design. Concrete pools can take longer to complete as materials need time to cure,however your builder can take this time to focus on other parts of then pool hall construction while this is happening.Once the base and walls are formed in most cases an additional layer of rendering is required using waterproofing plaster. When this has set the pool is tested for water tightness.We can also incorporate our patented Myrtha rennovaction system with a poured concrete shuttered wall to assist with the installation of the Deck level overflow at floor level
There are a number of methods used to construct a concrete pool including:
Shuttered Poured Concrete
This method of construction is considered to be the “standard type” of concrete swimming pool construction. Once the excavation of the site has been carried out,we will install the base and sump drainage points. The concrete base requires reinforcing with steel mesh or steel grids to the required British standard with up turns to tie into similar reinforcing for the wall construction. Timber or steel shuttering boards are then installed to form the walls, steps etc.The swimming pool circulation pipe work with pool fittings for both the floor and walls are installed prior to concrete pouring. Once the concrete has been poured between the shuttering it is left to set Gunite or shot concrete is also used subject to the availability locally of specialised companies


Starting with the architects’ drawings or simply your own ideas we will work with you to design the perfect leisure experience for the space available. We will also work within your budget to achieve exactly what you are looking for – refurbishment or new build, with sauna and steam or multiple room experiences combining a pool and spa.

“Only those owning a swimming pool know how enjoyable it is. Others can only imagine it.”