Swimming pool covers Ireland

Pools & Leisure Ireland have been installing automatic pool covers in both residential and commercial pools in Ireland for over 21 years. Our extensive range of swimming pool covers include the popular 400 micron bubble cover which comes complete with a Plastica Leading edge for outdoor only use.These covers are known as solar covers and convert energy from the sun into you pool.

Pools that are heated and used most days, generally pools at schools or holiday homes, would best be suited to the more robust materials used on heat retention covers, even the reinforced bubble type at the lower end of the price scale, as these will give better energy savings and pay-back quicker. Solar covers are susceptible to attack from heat, chemical and ultra-violet light. For indoor swimming pools we offer a choice of 5mm and 8mm Thermolux heat retention covers that can be complimented by the Aquatronic automatic roller.Key brands include Certikin,Plastica.

Heat retention covers are generally found on all commercial or residential indoor heated pools as these will get none of the advantages of solar gain, and the higher temperature usually found on an indoor pool will degrade a solar cover much faster than on an outdoor pool. This type of cover, once deemed suitable, is chosen on a balance of thickness against cost. The thicker a cover is, the more heat it will retain and the longer it will last.
A Winter debris cover for outdoor pool use will reduce the risk of frost damage to your pool and water discolouration from leaves and other debris. They can be supplied in green/black or blue/black finish with a range of fixing types to suit the pool surround.

A safety cover is a reinforced fabric which is led and held by aluminium rails.As the fabric is not stretched, the water can support the weight of several persons. And what’s more, the cover makes sure that the swimming pool is completely covered, so that the water keeps its temperature and therefore dirt is avoided.Key safety cover brands include Aquaguard,Dripool,Aquatrac, Certikin and Aquamatic

The automatic version is driven by a hydraulic motor, whose technology is the most reliable.