Swimming Pool Construction Ireland

Pools & Leisure Ireland have been involved in swimming pool construction throughout Ireland for over 21 years.Our team of established designers offer a unique perspective into providing the most cost effective value for money proposal using “Green” energy where appropriate. For many years we have been agents and distributors in Ireland for well known brands such as Myrtha, Proteus, Golden Coast, Plastica, Calorex, Certikin and Astral
We construct pools using a variety of techniques and materials including concrete, fibreglass, blocks, concrete and steel panels.

The walls can be tiled, membrane lined; vinyl lined or painted depending upon customer preference.

Over the last 10 years we have concentrated on a range of Italian pools called Proteus.Proteus pools utilise steel panels, with each panel being hot bonded with an Alkorplan membrane at the factory, making them more versatile and durable, all reflected in exceptional warranties.