Poolbiking FAQ’s

Poolbiking – Frequently asked questions

Poolbiking is a phenomenal new cycling experience in the pool combining the principles of classical stationary cycling (Spinning®) with the healthy and soothing powers of water. It originated in Europe and already has a huge following in France,Spain and Italy

Why Cycling under the water?

In the water, resistance is 12 times stronger than on land enabling you to burn up to 600-800kcal per hour and therefore improves your endurance. Water buoyancy provides both pressure and support for your body, easing muscles, bones and joints. Your blood circulation is stimulated by the water friction, the lymphatic system is activated and cellulite elimination is facilitated. You work hard but in a gentle way with no uncomfortable sweating and no post workout soreness!

Why Water Exercise Is Better Than Land Exercise?

Research shows that exercising in water provides many health and fitness benefits and it is often used in rehabilitation.

Poolbiking works as a physical therapy activity. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout and uses the benefits of water buoyancy and resistance to make the exercise motion and sequences especially gentle on the joints. This process makes for a great training experience, suitable for everyone young ad old

What are the benefits?

Benefits are incredible and many!

It is excellent for shaping and toning, including cellulite and heavy legs syndrome, joint aches and pains as well as rehabilitation and general fitness and wellbeing.

How many calories do you burn in a session?

Water resistance helps burn up to 600-800kcals per hour depending on the intensity of your workout.

How hard can you work?

It’s up to you! The faster you cycle, the harder it is.

The advanced design of the pedals provides a progressive resistance, proportional to the cycling rate and accommodating the pace of your physical condition.

What do you need to wear?

All you need is your swimwear and some flip flops to safely walk around the swimming pool. Preferably wear swimwear that feels comfortable and provides good support. The specialist fuss-free design means that you will cycle barefoot.

Do you need special shoes/socks for the bike?

No.Poolbiking pedals are made from an anti bacterial composite designed to be used barefoot, avoiding the need for any shoes or socks. This makes the session easy and comfortable!

Do you need to be able to swim?

No swimming is required but you need to feel at ease in the water as it will reach about waist level.

Is it suitable for all?

Anyone can benefit from this class regardless of their physical condition; from athletes as a complimentary training method to complete beginners and those looking for a safe and complete training experience.

It is suitable for toning, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, is excellent for those with joint problems or cellulite and as a general exercise programme to improve fitness conditioning. Those with rheumatic diseases, varicose veins and other diagnosed illnesses have reported the benefits of aqua cycling but in all cases should consult a medical practitioner before use.

Time proves even better results with non-regular fitness users.

How is a session structured?

The session is structured around different music to include warm up, acceleration, stretching and exercises on and off the bike.

During 45 minutes, you cycle in water experiencing a wide range of exercises: climb, sprint, cool down, cycle while working against the water.

Is it a full body workout?

Absolutely, during a Poolbiking session, you will get a full body workout aimed at your legs, thighs, waist, buttocks and your cardio.

The arms and core muscles are also impacted by constantly moving and working in water making the workout more challenging and exciting than a regular cycling class.

If you suffer from backache

Please let your trainer know about your condition before starting the class. He/She will help you to adjust the bike for your condition before going into the pool. Always consult a medical practitioner before undertaking any form of exercise.

If you are pregnant

Yes, this is a perfect workout for pregnant women due to the buoyancy of the water there is no pressure on the stomach or joints. You only weight 1/5th of your weight in the water and your back and stomach will be supported. As always advised, do consult a medical practitioner before undertaking any form of exercise.

Will you sweat?

Due to the cooling effect of water, you will not feel the discomfort of sweating.

After a session you look fresh, relaxed and revitalised

Is the trainer in the water or outside the pool?

The trainer will generally run the class from the pool side to lead the class and to motivate you.

How much are the class sessions?

Dependant on the client base and location you should charge per session and discount accordingly if a block of session is purchased

Does it matter if you haven’t done any exercise in a long time?

No it doesn’t matter as you can work at your own pace and pick up the speed as you get fitter.