Pool Refurbishment

We are happy to quote and arrange a site visit for the smallest to largest projects. Systems and technology that is now available allow us to transform what has become an aged neglected swimming pool to something that resembles a brand new Oasis within your own living space, and of course produces a finish that will last for years to come.

Alterations can also be made within certain pool structures accommodating integral step entry points for instance. With the use of on-site lining systems such as Alkorplan or Certikin Infinite, we are able to ensure the integrity of even the oldest of pool shells.All lining systems come with a long-term manufacturers warranty.

We understand that you may not have had your swimming pool built, and have merely inherited your pool from previous owners of the house, and like all things there often comes a time when things come of age and all that is needed is some revitalisation of the area.

All of the latest technologies can be adapted to aged pools and facilitate items such as safety covers, liner conversions and modernisation of your pool equipment and equipment.

Whilst swimming pools, plant and equipment are generally very durable items from time to time items such as pipework, pool pumps sand filters, pool liners and pool covers require replacement.Please feel free to ask us for competitive quote.