Niveko Overflow pools of Taste and Distinction, check out our most recent News story

It is a long time since people have purchased a pool just to cool off in summer or for their children to have fun in. Nowadays a client invests in a pool because they want to make a dream come true and at the same time make a lifestyle statement that is supported by modern architecture, contemporary design and good honest craftsmanship. If the client then decides they want to swim out in the moonlight at midnight, the freedom and comfort of their own home is certainly a bonus – the ultimate convenience and luxury of having their own swimming pool. An increasingly popular choice for clients are overflow pools where the surface of the water merges with the surrounding terrain and creates an optically infinite mirror. The ultimate design statement. The advantage of an overflow pool is that customers don’t have to spend too much time looking after it, as the filter technology is so advanced that it cleans the surface of the pool as efficiently, evenly and quickly as possible.

Although the primary construction and installation work does take more skill and experience, the result is always worth it. As regards material, colour and surface smoothness, natural and Greek stones, or the multi shades of artificial stone, Niveko offer the widest possible range of options as well as five types of overflow trough, can also create combinations based on the clients’ individual wishes and ideas. In addition to this, the entire pool wall is under the water, and so they don’t get a greasy or dirty lines forming around the edge. This also means that the client can take full advantage of the whole depth of their pool. Offering delivery and installation in a matter of days, Niveko install an automatic top-up system with its overflow technology, as standard. Without doubt, the network of pool industry partners are true experts in their field, delivering outstanding results to delighted customers, every time, all through the year.